A Common Question Is “How Long Is ESTA Valid”

How Long Is ESTA ValidIf you have been wondering how long is ESTA valid you are not alone. ESTA is a great option for those that wish to visit the United States but do not have a VISA. ESTA is the Electronic System for Travel Authorization to the United States. It is essential that you know the ins and outs of the program before you embark on a journey.

The first step is to be approve for travel. Once you are approved you generally have two years open in which you can travel to and from the United States. There are some exceptions to this of course. The main one is that your passport must be valid during that time as well. If your passport expires during that two year time frame you could be left unable to travel back to the United States. To prevent any issues you will want to be sure to renew your passport long before it actually expires.

While you are in the United States or anywhere for that matter you do not want to be wondering to yourself how long is ESTA valid. This date should be something that you keep in the forefront of your mind. You should also keep your passport and ESTA documentation somewhere that is extremely safe and is unlikely to be lost. While the EST is an electronic document that is stored in a government database, there is always the chance that an error could occur. You will want to have this documentation available to you in case the need ever arises.

If you do not have you ESTA approved you should apply for it as soon as you know that you will be traveling. While doing so can shorten the amount of time that you will be able to use it you may be denied, leaving you with plans that can not be seen through. At the absolute least you should apply 72 hours before you will be embarking on your journey.

Knowing all of the time frames and regulations regarding your ESTA is essential to ensure that you do not run into any major problems during your travel. There really is not much worse that spending a great deal to travel across the world only to find at some point that you can not continue your journeys. Use the information above to guarantee that this does not happen to you.